Welcome on vietnamconsulate-frankfurt.org, the site dedicated to news and informations about Vietnam

This website was used before as the consulate website but the organization of the old websites decided to keep using it to propose different news and informations about subjects that can interest people.

We are proud to be Vietnamese so we use this website to give reviews about websites and share our testimonial about products or services that we find interesting.

Help foreigner to move and live in Vietnam

The goal behind this website is to help tourists and foreigners to come and travel in Vietnam. Our country is not that popular when we see the worldwide ranking of countries so using informations here will help tourists and expat to find how to travel in Vietnam.

More and more people are interested to live and move to Vietnam (to get retired, to get experience when they are young ...) so plenty of subjects can be covered to help them to find the right information :

  • As a foreigner, you can live in Vietnam with a visa and the cost of living in vietnam is not so high
  • Some travellers decide also to settle down because they can easily teach english in vietnam
  • Different cities are more popular than others (Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Nha Trang ...) but there is a lack of information so we want to help tourist and expat to get their move more easily to make.

Present new products and websites

Behind this website, we also want to introduce new products that are right now not so popular but that should be highlighted a bit more. When we are focusing on healthy products, not so many websites provide great information about the best protein products and a way to rank them.

In a view to help Vietnamese to find correct information and being able to rank the products and review them, we discover the website Thực Phẩm bổ sung (that means literally Protein Powder such as Whey) with deep articles on different topics :

  • If you want to discover the best whey protein (called bột protein), you will find relevant information and ranking about the most famous products
  • BCAA is another deep subject with a lack of information in Vietnamese, fortunately, this other article about BCAA cover the most important things and reviews you need to know before buying.